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BMS World News – July 2015

Born to Live: G2’s baby-shaped miracle: in Chad, the precious life of a little baby girl has been saved.

Imaging living in Courball, Chad, and expecting your first baby, but the months of trepidation and excitement culminate in an unexpected moment – one that comes much too soon.

Ismina’s little girl was born two months too early.  At two weeks old the baby weighed just 0.2 kilograms or two pounds, six ounces.  Being so tiny meant it was difficult for Ismina to feed her.  She grew very dehydrated and struggled to breathe.  Fearful for their baby, Ismina and her husband travelled to Guinebor II Hospital (G2), near N;Djamena.

BMS World Mission worker and G2 nurse, Rebecca North, was shocked when she saw the baby. “she was just like a little rag doll, it too my breath away” she says.  The baby’s chances of recovery didn’t look good, and she stopped breathing soon after arriving at G2.

Rebecca and BMS Doctor Mark Hotchkin set about resuscitation their little patient and thankfully she began to breathe again. “From that moment on my time passed in a blur of giving fluid, antibiotics, monitoring her heart rate, oxygen levels and wrapping her up in yet more blankets, hats, jumpers and booties to ward of the chilly 25ºC nights!”. says Rebecca.

On Monday, the little baby, who had been so close to death just three days earlier, was drinking all required milk.  She was going to be OK.

It makes the work here worthwhile when we have little ones like this recover“, says Rebecca. “And it affirms to me why we are here.  Her parents are over the moon”.

Ismina has decided to name her precious daughter Rebecca, after the nurse who helped to save her life.

Pray for the doctors and nurses working to help mothers and babies like these.