Message from the Manse – April / May


Dear Friends,

This year Easter falls on April the first, April fools’ day!  The first Easter Sunday however saw no trickery or fooling of others.  The resurrection of Jesus was witnessed by many different people in the early church.  They risked life and limb to share the good news, because they knew the truth that Jesus had been raised from death!  Jesus appeared to many people over a period of forty days, even many who were very sceptical such as Thomas.

Through faith today many  know the Lord to be at work in their hearts and lives and have joy deep down from day to day.  Easter day means sins forgiven and victory over death for those who know Christ. Christians are Easter people who forever live in the light of the victory of Christ.

May we have joy knowing that He lives! This is the best news of all time, to be completely accepted and believed.

Easter Greetings to all.

Rev Theo Corney

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