Message from the Manse – August/September 2016


Dear All

Since the last issue of the Herald we have seen a number of changes in our government and relations within the world. The UK’s decision to exit from Europe has brought feelings of uncertainty for many and we have seen a level of intolerance within society. We now also have a new Prime Minister and Cabinet. Acts of terrorism in various places too have brought many challenges.

As Christians we are called to be people of hope. We trust in one who is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13: 8). God is with us in our uncertainties and can be our peace in times of trouble.

Our country faces uncertain times and we are encouraged by the apostle Paul to pray for those in authority over us (1 Timothy 2: 1-2). The gospels encourage love of neighbour as well as peace and toleration. May we be people of Good News in these days as we seek to make the world a better place.

Every Blessing

Rev Theo Corney

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