Message from the Manse – October/November

Dear Friends

In recent weeks it has been a delight to see the countryside combine harvesters at work and stacked bales of hay in the fields. These are a reminder that we are at the time of year when many churches celebrate the in gathering of the harvest or have harvest festivals. When we are at a distance from agricultural land we can forget all the processes needed to bring our food to us.

May we give thanks to God for the food that we have to eat, in all its rich variety, and for those who work to bring our food to us. At harvest time it’s good too to remember those less fortunate than ourselves.

We will be joining with Central Baptist Church this year on the 9th of October and will be taking an offering for the BMS harvest appeal ‘Syria’s forgotten families’.

May we enjoy this Autumn thanking God for all his great goodness.

Every Blessing

Rev Theo Corney

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