Message from the Secretary

The Friday openings have been very busy with around thirty visitors on average and generous amounts in the donation box.  Many thanks to all who make this possible.

At the beginning of June, Sam and Irene Young were married in the Vestry. This was a very happy occasion for all who were present and we wish them a long and happy life together.  A wedding blessing took place last week for Mr. and Mrs. Govan who had been married abroad.

Charles Maasz graduated Bachelor of Divinity with Honours and led our service on 10th July. We wish him well in whatever role he takes up in the future.  Rev. Alistair Clark preached on the 17th July and we appreciate the help from both of them when our Pastor was on holiday.

The officials of the church continue to attend countless meetings in an effort to achieve a secure future for our beautiful building.

Dorothy Driver

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