Message from the Manse – February 2016


The second week in February will take us into the season of Lent. During Lent we see a lengthening of the days for which many of us will be thankful. Lent has been observed in the Christian Church as a time of fasting remembering our Lord’s forty days in the wilderness. It is good for us to take time to reflect on our faith and to consider how it is growing from year to year. Going without something can help to focus our minds and remind us of the improtance of spiritual growth.

Easter is a wonderful Christian festival. It proclaims Christ’s victory over Sin, the World and the Devil. It reminds us that through faith we can have everlasting life and resurection hope. May we prepare our hears to celebrate the wonderful truth that “Christ is Risen”.

May you all have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter.

Rev. Theo Corney

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